Exhibitor Interviews and Testimonials 2022

Interview with Benedikt Grudda from Air Liquide

Interview with Roland Krueger from Siemens Energy

Interview with Andreas Kraxner from CS Combustion

Interview with Paul J Bruns from Enginius

Interview with Radim Placek from Vitkovice Cylinders

Interview with Marcin Karas from Kelvion Thermal Solutions

Interview with Kristina Vogt, Bremen Minister of Economics

Interview with Matej Jakubec from Devinn

Interview with Thomas Noordzij from Forze Hydrogen

Interview with Jan Friis Helleskov from Rotrex

Interview with Guido König from Samson

Interview with Valentin Schultz Kyros, Hydrogen Solutions

Interview with Joesph Michaels from AeroDelft

Interview with Jaisuk Yoo from Gangwon Technopark

Interview with Laurent Rouvet, CEO FillnDrive

Interview with Rico Schoeni from Seitzvalve

Interview with Interview with Kirby Smith, Haryness CEO

Interview with Dr. Björn Lüssow and Steven Oji from Hyfindr GmbH

Nitto Kohki

Ingenious Japanese Hydrogen Product Design in Europe.

Nitto Kohki, a well-established manufacturer of hydrogen products in Japan, displayed a wide-array of solutions, including their fuelling coupling product. 

Already a known name in the Japanese hydrogen market, Nitto Kohki aims to break into the European market. 

Nitto Kohki’s Senior Supervisor New Energy Department, Yosuke Ilnuma identified prices as a possible challenge to making it in Europe. 

“In Japan we are focussing more on quality and price is secondary, whereas in Europe price comes first,” said Ilnuma.

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval’s sleek printed heat exchangers for dispenser stations were showcased at the trade fair.

What’s unique about them is they can withstand pressures of up to 1,000 bar, said Alfa Laval Sales Manager Georg Wörner.

“This is needed when it comes to refuelling cars and trucks where you have pressure levels of up to 350 or 700 bar,” explained Wörner.


EODev intrigued expo goers with their fuel cell generator prominently on display, as the French company showcased its second-generation generator for the first time at an exhibition.

Chief Marketing Officer Thibault Tallieu was bombarded with queries as we waited for the right moment to interview him.

The 3300 x 1100 x 2252 mm generator weighing 3.4 tonnes can be used for marine, mobile and stationery land applications such as, events, construction sites, EV charging and the cinema industry.

The generator can also operate as a backup energy system, particularly in the wake of the current energy crisis in Europe highlighted Thibualt.

 “The idea is to replace all diesel and gas generators, zero emissions…quiet,” said Thibualt.

 Regarding Hydrogen Technology Expo Bremen, Thibault said: “We’ve had lots of interest over the two days and lots of qualified leads.”


EDAG’s storage tanks for public transport lured attendees from wide and far as Hydrogen Technology Expo attracted an international audience, a feature differentiating it from other trade fairs, according to EDAG Portfolio Manager Energy Systems and Drive Trains Aron Deutschlander.

The tank is designed for an operating pressure of 350 bar and has a range of 350 -500 km “which is the standard range you need to transport people from one point to another in the city”, said Deutschlander.

It was Deutschlander’s first time at the Hydrogen Technology Expo and of his experience he said, “I’ve been to other trade shows, but I haven’t felt the same spirit as I have at this event.”

EDAG is an engineering service supplier creating and realising ideas in automotives.