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Deutch Bahn and Siemens Test Mobile Hydrogen Refuelling 

by | Sep 12, 2022

Deutsche Bahn and Siemens have commenced with the testing phase of the Mireo Plus H hydrogen train as part of the H2goesRail project. They’ve begun running trials of the mobile hydrogen refuelling system, on 12 Sept. 

DB CEO Richard Lutz, Siemens Chief Executive Roland Busch and State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport Hartmut Hoppner were present at the testing which began last Friday. 

The mobile hydrogen filling station was trialled at the Siemens test centre in Wegberg-Wildenrath. The refuelling system is now as fast as a regular diesel multiple unit. 

DB is producing green hydrogen on-site by using renewable energy for the electrolysis process. The hydrogen is compressed and stored in a unit which can be transported by train or truck. 

First launched in May, the Mireo Plus H two-car version has a range of 800 kilometres, with the three-car version can cover 1,000km without refuelling.

DB Cargo has recently demonstrated its capabilities to transport large quantities of hydrogen. 

As the German government plans to import green hydrogen by sea, DB Cargo has developed a solution to transport this hydrogen inland by freight trains. 

Hydrogen arriving in Germany is most likely to be in liquid form rather than gas. It will be transported in tank wagons, which are already in wide use in the chemical industry. 

image courtesy of Siemens