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Quantron Joins Forces with ETO Motors for Indo-German H2 Technology Vehicles

by | Sep 28, 2022

Quantron AG (Germany) and ETO Motors (India) plan to collaborate for the Indian market. Under the partnership, the Indian company will provide design and development support to Quantron to enable ETO three-wheeler vehicles to be co-branded by the relevant authorities in Europe. In addition, ETO will assist QUANTRON in establishing assembly and production facilities for ETO vehicles in Europe.

The key task is for ETO and Quantron is to develop BEV and possibly FCEV conversion kits for applications targeting a global market –trucks, buses or even trains (for FCEV), depending on cost and feasibility.

The collaboration also aims to introduce H2 technology vehicles and infrastructure (such as tanks, dispensers and electrolyzers) through collaboration or import/export of technology between the countries. Furthermore, both parties will also work together in the development of new battery/energy solutions to be induced in vehicles/products in respective regions and ownership. They also will assist each other in a technology platform share including ecosystem connectivity, IoT, Fleet Management solutions, location based services, route management, energy, charging and location based services.

Image courtesy of Quantron