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Semcon and Hystar Partner to Develop Electrolyser Tech

by | Aug 4, 2022

Swedish tech firm Semcon and Norwegian-based hydrogen company will work together to boost electrolysis efficiency, increasing yields by 150%. Under the agreement the Scandanavian companies aim to develop electrolysers with novel design and components.

The companies claim that the innovation can potentially reduce the cost of electrolyses production by 60%, making it possible to scale up hydrogen production at a competitive price. 

Swedish technology firm Semcon has revealed it will collaborate with the Norwegian-based hydrogen company, Hystar in a bid to improve the efficiency of electrolyser stacks. Under the joint project, Semcon and Hystar look to develop a new generation of electrolysers containing new design concepts for components.

Tommy Ekman, Technical Lead and Project Manager at Semcon, said, “Green hydrogen is key for the energy transition and provides a possibility to fully utilise renewable energy sources in the decarbonisation of various sectors.

“It is fantastic to lead such an important project together with so many talented people. For us, it is very rewarding to be able to apply so much of our cutting-edge expertise in something that can make a big difference in the world. Together with Hystar, we solve complex problems, learn from each other, and move closer to the goal.”