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Sinosynergy Launches Hydrogen Fuel Cell Journey Coach

by | Sep 28, 2022

Sinosynergy, hydrogen fuel cell products and solutions provider, has launched the first Hydrogen Fuel Cell Journey Coach in Europe at IAA Transport 2022 (announced 22 September).

As Sinosynergy’s European debut, the company showcased a “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Journey Coach”, which is jointly developed with Allenbus, Feichi, Marcopolo and Danfoss. Customized for the European market in compliance with EU-standards, the coach can carry up to 53 passengers, travel more than 500km, and regular refuel time can be as short as 5 minutes.

Powered by superior hydrogen fuel-cell systems, the zero-carbon-emission coach is more environmentally friendly. Together with partners, Sinosynergy is planning to offer this coach to European, Southeast Asian and American markets.

Sinosynergy has expanded its product portfolios across the hydrogen value chain. In addition, the company’s line-up is on the road in hydrogen fuel cell buses, trucks, forklifts, and trains with field-proven operation footprints. Moreover, there has been increasing project development in stationary power generation systems. 

Cynthia Zhu, CEO of Sinosynergy International, said: “As the pioneer of innovative hydrogen solutions provider, we are committed to developing and propelling advanced hydrogen technology globally. Our European debut in IAA 2022 represents the beginning of our entry to the European market as well as an important milestone for our internationalization strategy. Going forward, we would like to work closely with our international partners to contribute to hydrogen technology development and jointly build a cleaner and greener future.”

Image courtesy of Sinosynergy