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Toyota Partners with Air Liquide and CaetanoBus to Drive European Hydrogen Mobility

by | May 18, 2022

Airliquide, CaetonaBus and Toyota Motor Europe announced on May 17 a partnership to speed up the development of hydrogen mobility in Europe by providing integrated solutions. 

The companies will address the entire value chain of hydrogen mobility —hydrogen production, distribution, refuelling infrastructure and launching vehicles. 

The first phase of the project will focus on buses, light commercial vehicles and cars, with a view to expand to heavy transport. 

The companies hope to contribute to the growing hydrogen ecosystem across Europe, trigger demand and open the door for hydrogen mobility applications. 

Matthieu Giard, Vice-President, member of the Executive Committee at Air Liquide, said, “As a key solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of the mobility sector, low-carbon hydrogen is a crucial enabler of the energy transition.  

“Air Liquide is pleased to partner with Toyota and CaetanoBus. Such partnerships are essential to create efficient ecosystems that will foster the emergence of hydrogen mobility in Europe.  

“This partnership illustrates the capacity of the industry to bring concrete solutions to the fight against climate change.” 

In addition to developing infrastructure and refuelling facilities, the partners aim to provide service vehicles to taxi companies, fleet operators and local authorities. 

Matt Harrison, President and CEO at Toyota Motor Europe commented, “We are excited by the opportunity to combine our strengths to expand the development of hydrogen clusters.  

“Toyota’s role is to bring the hydrogen applications into the ecosystem, and by working together with our partners we want to accelerate and intensify the use of hydrogen as a carbon neutral solution for mobility.  

“This will gradually reduce the costs of hydrogen and its infrastructure while improving the business case for many future applications including mobility “. 

Patrícia Vasconcelos, CEO at CaetanoBus, said, “It is a great pleasure to work on hydrogen projects with these partners and have the chance to reinforce the role of new forms of energy in the pursuit of a sustainable way of living.  

“We are aware of the responsibility of the mobility sector in this mission and our goal as a bus manufacturer is to continuously develop new hydrogen buses, to reduce the carbon footprint in the cities.  

“If we can do It in partnership to create a full ecosystem, the better it is, because energy transitions are only effective with true alignment between companies, countries, and policies.”